Personal Update: The Road Forward








(Brownie points if you read that in his voice)

It’s been almost two weeks since I’ve posted! Sorry about that, guys.

Unfortunately, posts on here are going to become less frequent due to some cool stuff going on in my life right now. In this quick update, I would like to go over the 411!

New Job!


A few hours after my last post on Sangheili lore, I was approached by with an offer of a part-time writing gig!

The reason I’ve been absent with posts is because I’ve been going over the details, contracts and everything else that comes with working for a full-fledged media site.

Basically, they’re hiring me as a freelance writer. I’ll be writing a few articles every week on video games – with a focus on story content. Opinions, analyses, and universe timelines related to Xbox or PC games are all things I’ll be contributing to the site. In addition, I’ve also been told I will have the opportunity to review games too!

Right now I’m only a trial writer – meaning they’re going to let me write a few articles and see how it goes from there. The job isn’t officially a go, but I’m going to give it my all and write the best I can. Plus, from what I’ve been told, everyone there loves my content on this blog, so I’m feeling confident!

What This Means For Me

This opportunity for me is absolutely fantastic. Going through college and all right now, I can really use the money. And the best part is, I can earn it while doing something I love – writing about video games. For me this is an opportunity to really grow my name in the gaming community, an opportunity to get my name out there, and also an opportunity to offer some unique gaming content to Windows Central and be a successful contributor to a quality website.

What This Means For You

Sadly, with a dedicated writing position for a professional website, I won’t have as much time to write on this WordPress blog. So if you really enjoyed reading my content here, that’s some bad news for you, the reader.


You can look forward to finding the exact same type and quality of content I post here on Windows Central! That’s why they picked me up, after all.

And, I’m not going to completely forget about this blog either. I’ll probably end up posting here once or twice a month, maybe more depending on how things go. Since I can’t cover Nintendo or PlayStation games on Windows Central (three guesses as to why) I will definitely be using this blog as an outlet for my opinions on the products from those sides of the industry, as well as an outlet for personal stuff and informal posts that wouldn’t be appropriate on a professional website. Once I get added onto the site, I’ll edit this post with a link to my page on Windows Central, where you’ll be able to get a clear view of everything I write!

Above all else, I wanted to thank all of my readers for the continued support and feedback on my content. The amount of positive acclaim my articles have gotten is overwhelming and it truly instills me with a huge amount of confidence as I move forward as both an adult and as a writer.

Thanks again, and here’s to the future!







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